The Alright EP

by High

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released November 18, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Michael Marucci at Sonic Zen Studios*
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering
Produced by Richard Howard

*except 'Alright'
Recorded by Ryan Guay
Mixed by Will Marr
Secondary Mix by Michael Marucci


all rights reserved



High Toronto, Ontario

We listen to what we love and play whatever we like. We want you to do whatever you love, too.

Get Happy.
Get Inspired.
Get High.

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Track Name: Alright
Alright is my
my version of a perfect ending
this loaded die
has got a mean lean no telling where it's trending
I give tonight
even odds cuz it seems odd we're so even
could be all right
once the jerks in starched shirts can't tell we're leaving
grass is getting greener right under our feet
and the soul one's the one we already had the pleasure to meet
the world's so fucking sunny but there's something kind of funny
your eyes slid left and it didn't look right honey
papa wouldn't preach if momma learned how to sing
but she was stitched into a niche that wouldn't let her say anything
we pine for the days of never
when we took a look and shook it told it things will just keep getting better

And I feel alright
The sun's coming out tonight
think about it, think about it
And I feel alright
The sun's coming out tonight
Think about it; if it makes sense then you ain't trying hard enough to fight

Alright stands by
Biding its time on the sidelines while perfect takes a swing
His form looks so nice
We let it rip throw in all of our chips and wager everything
A swing and a miss, a whiff and a hiss, the curveballs have got perfect gone
And the lesser ones on
With a weak lineup that’s pointing at a bleak day
We’re just hoping that allright steps in to keep us at okay
I need a second chance and you need God
or maybe we just need another Jesus piece lightning rod
cuz every time a storm starts brewing in this town
Noah puts his head down and says that he'd rather not be around
Mediocre medically maladjust, just
Raise it to a stage where the dreams don’t die an I won’t rust
I got sixty seconds left to make a play
They say any given Sunday but this ain't the lord's day
Track Name: JC and Me (This ain't about you, Jesus)
I got a sister that love me
I had a brother who's gone
I wish that I could be there for her
I wonder if we woulda got along

I guess technically that I'm living for two sons
But with every revolution I'm wasting light
I wonder if they ever pray for a mulligan
Man I wouldn't blame them I haven't done 'em right

If you can hear me, I am so weary
Help me to be what I should be

I JK when I say I don't think about it
There's a missing sibling is it him is it me

End of days I will praise you (raise you)
Onto pedestals we tear down (downward bound)
Idle ways, Idle days, idol praise due when I
Feel to (p)raise a memory

I had a lady who loved me
I thought that she'd always be there
I admit I screwed the pooch on the love bit
But after ten years I thought friendship would be fair

I guess it's like "I'm done and onto the next one"
But I'll believe you if you say it wasn't that easy
Still the end result is like I never existed
I'm just getting silence when I pray to JC

I stand when you sit, I guess the next bit
One of us goes down on our knees

I JK when I say I don't think about her
Take a smiley face put it where she used to be

I had a season of unreasonable sunshine
I couldn't see you through the glitz and the glare
I wonder if my winter is a distant memory
I wonder if wondering that is even fair

I hope you're worshipped
Seen as a savior
You're so used to judases and brutuses types
You know we nearly copied our mothers and fathers
One of us is saved - We'll see what my future's like

Now she's MIA, I hope and I pray
That I can get this last one right

I JK when I say I don't fear the future
See you on the other side thank you and goodnight
Track Name: Longboards
It's all downhill from here she said and she was right
But I was thinking 'bout the wind through my hair
And she was talking bout no brakes a scream a warning shout
but I was too busy feeling freer than air

Down at the bottom there's a blind turn and burning V's that died
But I can't see because my future's too bright
A cold man tried to teach me how to turn but I was just too proud to learn
make sure to tell them I started off right and

I got a right
to learn things the hard way
I got a right
to pick up some scars
I got a way
of knowing just what not to say
and saying it anyway to start a new war

I'm on a touge that's an endless loop on an endless night
I'm tiring out lunar light that's showing me the edge
a cat and mouse game while we're running blind
keeps my adversary in line
but if I'm seeing black
should I be listening for attack

It's all uphill from here he said and he was right
but I was thinking 'bout the breeze and the view
and he was talking bout a climb that wears you out in time
tell me all about it, show me what it did to you
Track Name: High
I woke up thinking a fifth of Angostura
Could be the recompense I deserve
Other James he asked what was done to me
But this Jim didn’t offer a word

It must be nice just living the high life
It must be good just breezing along
It must be sweet not needing a reason
To keep this caboose’s conductor moving on…but she said, but she said

"How you gonna miss the kisses that you get from me
How you going to ignore love from two shores boy can’t you see
They have rose-coloured glasses, well your specs are flecked with brown
And I just hope to God the water washes it while you go down

I feel like I’m watching you drown"

I said I’m alright and I wrote a winner
I gave her music but never the words
I’m pretty sure I am the sneakiest coyote bunny tweety bird
That ever did elude the hunt I asked her if she curred…and she said, and she said

"I can see beyond your lame attempts at subterfuge
And I can feel what’s on your chest cuz I’m in there with you
Some men have blinders well you’ve never seen a stitch at all
And I jus askin Allah that you see the light before you fall

Don’t get high, please call"

Here we go now setting fires we don’t need, it’s all
For the smoke cuz when we choke we get to feel tears fall
I know I’m not the only one
Getting higher to get closer to the sun – tell me
What we did last night was equally as fun
I don’t want to hear I was the only one

I woke up drunk on grandeur and glory
It’s not illusion if you know you’re right
It’s meant to be cuz I made 27 and I keep seeing eleven eleven
And tricking the world into giving me one more morning light

I don’t see no warning light, alright?
But it don’t matter, guess you haven’t heard
The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
And I trust anything named rummy gin, two of my favorite words - she plead

For a change of heart but cardiac has no returns
for a brand new start but I hear Nero fiddling, watch me burn
And watch me realize through open eyes and glasses rose
That I could get where I want to be if I could take in what she knows

…but she said "please get high, don’t call..."

Here we go now setting fire’s we don’t need, it’s all
For the smoke cuz when we choke we get to feel – tears fall
I know I’m not the only one (sharp stop)
Getting higher to get closer to the sun – tell me
What we did last night was equally as fun
I don’t want to hear I was the only one
Track Name: Bye. (High Pt. II)
We all love to feel like Pete Pan’s real and gravity is done
We all want to rise above every lost love we can’t outrun
I know I’m not the only one that’s letting that blood let
And you’re not the only one that hasn’t touched the ground yet

We don’t have to find a line to finally make our motors run
We don’t have to get in line to take a spaceship to the sun
We don’t have to wait until the things that want to kill us say they’re done
I’m not the only one

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